Cold sores are one of the most unwelcoming things to have appeared on your face but don’t worry, we have home remedies for cold sore to counter them. As a matter of fact, they appear anywhere! It’s puzzling whether cold sores and canker sores are same or different. However, cold sores are also known as fever blisters and are said to be caused due to herpes simplex virus type one.

The truth is that there aren’t any permanent cures for cold sore. But looking at the brighter side, you can certainly reduce them or take precautionary measures if you feel they are about to appear! These home remedies for cold sore are not included in some kind of official medical advice; they are the most trusted and used methods of getting help the easier way! But you can surely consult your doctor if your cold sores are frequent and nothing helps.

Quick Home Remedies for Cold Sore

Cold sores home remedies
Tips to get rid of cold sores
  1. Cover:

Covering the cold sore is the first and quickest step to take. Cover it with petroleum jelly so that it doesn’t get infected further. This will ensure quick healing and prevent the sore from worsening.

  1. Change Toothbrush:

Medically, changing your toothbrush every 6 months is very essential. But once the blisters form, change your toothbrush and change it again when they have cleared up (for avoiding the infection being carried).

  1. Lips Sunscreen:

The beauty product lines are extending day per day and there is nothing that cannot be found! Apply sunscreen on your lips to avoid cold sores and to heal them quickly as well. Avoid direct contact with sunlight.

  1. Stay Away from them!

Just if the sore could say it, itself! Don’t touch your cold sores. Your hands carry germs (obviously, you can’t clean them all the time) and touching your sores can lead to some bacterial infection! Wash your hands frequently (especially after touching the sores) and keep your towel separate. Be cautious about not touching your eyes or other skin part after touching your sore. Avoid sharing cups and drinking stuff with others.

  1. Ice:

Ice is helpful in many manners and so it is ready to cooperate with cold sores also. Ice a cold sore when it appears new and it is likely to cut off immediately within a day. Try this frequently if your cold sores have been your guest since a long time.

  1. Milk:

Milk seems one of the best home remedies for cold sores but you don’t have to drink milk! Take a cotton swab and soak it in milk. Apply to the cold sore to get relief from pain. Preferably, use cold milk for this purpose.

Cold sores aren’t perfectly curable so far but through some home remedies for cold sores, you can reduce their chances of reappearing or reduce their appearance in whole.